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Your Certificates

Our Certification Process

As a credible learning institution, the FSP Academy does not produce its own certificates. Instead, we outsource our certification to an international accreditation organization. They also manage certificates for other large organizations like Purdue University, Berklee Online and the DBA University.

As you pass your course assessment, our system electronically submits your results to a an online digital authority, which inks your online digital certificate.

Digital Certificates

For your certificates, we use digital certificates. Our certificates are the most secure and flexible available. They are easy for you to print, save as PDF or email to prospective employers, family and friends.


  • Share your achievements on social media in one click
  • Post your creds to LinkedIn with one click
  • Send a verify credential link to anyone by email
  • Embed your credential on your webpage.


Once issued your certificate is stored in the cloud and is also published to a public blockchain so they cannot be changed or interfered with by anyone. Certificates are encrypted with bank-level encryption making it impossible to fake our certificates.

Sample Certificate

Below is a sample of how your certificate will look!

My certificate